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Control your energy
cost in rentals


Smart sustainable

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Why Aweliv?

Join the Smartest Sustainable Living Revolution



Cheaper rent thanks to energy savings


Pay As You Use

Never be penalised for someone else's overuse



Control & save on your biggest cost after mortgage repayments


Tenants & Landlords

Tenants save energy. 
Landlords control costs

why aweliv

For Landlords

Control your second largest cost (after mortgage repayments)

Control electrical usage without any rewiring. The Aweliv smart device works with standard socket and is vandal proof.

Allocate set units of electricity to each room as part of the rent agreement.

Automatic overuse alerts are sent to tenants before their power is cut off. Great for HMO's, student let, holiday let and shared offices.

Reduce your overall energy costs. Tenants can track and control each or group of devices using the Aweliv app.

Easy one tap payment via the Aweliv app for tenants who exceed their energy allocation, which will be credited to you, the landlord.

Average 20% reduction in energy bills.

For Tenants

Live smart & save money

Only pay for what you use. You will never be penalised for someone else’s overuse.

Reduce your rent costs by using less energy.

Protect the environment with smart and sustainable technology. The Aweliv app can help you reduce your electricity consumption by 20% on average and is easy to use and understand.

Tenants can track and control individual devices, using the Aweliv app, from anywhere in the world.

Smart AI will warn you if it detects a device, for example your hair dryer or heater, has been left on after use.

Average 20% reduction in energy bills.


£5 / Unit (Room or Office) a month

Download Our Smart Home App

Get more of the features through our app.

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Landlord & Tenants Love Aweliv


Never imagined I will be able to control and view real-time energy consumption of each of my devices in my room. I was able to save energy and reduce my rental. 

Nuno Tavares

Absolutely Brilliant! I was not getting penalised because other tenants in the house were wasting energy on gaming and mining. Aweliv helped me control my cost without hassle.  

Muna Tasneem

Electricity was my biggest cost after mortgage. I was able to control it while empowering my tenants to be in control of electric consumption. Its absolute win-win for tenants and landlords

R Amblekar
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