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Awesome Living

Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable smart living.

Our Vision

To deliver world-class living experiences through our high-quality, technology-enabled, service-led housing ecosystem so that you can forget about the little worries and focus on becoming the best version of you. 

Modern smart homes for short or long term rent

A wholly new way of living, backed by solid connected technology




A wholly new way of life backed by solid facilities for truly modern everyday living.

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Aweliv goes live! Providing truly wonderful sustainable smart living!


And much more to come

Make Your Home Life Smart

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Desirable Locations

We select homes in the most beautiful places, buy them, improve them, and manage them to the highest standards.

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Personalized Routine

From unlocking the door to setting the temperature to turning on the fireplace, total home control is at your fingertips.

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Better Living

Our customers benefit from an awareness and control of domestic life which outclasses any other offering in the private rental market.

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New Place & Aura For New Home

For many of us, it’s unlocked the freedom to be anywhere — but the infrastructure to explore the world hasn’t caught up with this new reality. When we try to get away, we often find ourselves disappointed.

Aweliv’s network of smart homes  make it all in inspiring places all it powerful all in inspiring places

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Join Aweliv For Smart Sustainable Journey

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